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10 Valuable Bits of Advice to Build your Dream!

If you have a dream to build a life or lifestyle or Basically any Dream Goal...This is right up your Alley!

There’s a very famous saying that goes like this.  “Less is more.”  I used to wonder what the hell people were talking about when I got into Graphic Design over 15 years ago.  Over the years one of the most valuable things I’ve learned is that less IS more!  Let me explain.  In graphic design, a lot of designers fill their designs with visual clutter and end up losing the audience they were trying to captivate.

Most people have a belief that they have to produce a lot of what they are creating.  Always more more more but the truth is that in any business there are two types of players.  There are people who focus on quality and there are people who focus on quantity.   The sweet spot lies with a very specific mixture of both.  And, if you’re trying to build your dream you have to pay attention to the details of what you’re doing.  Less is more so in a sense this list is more about what you shouldn’t do or what you need less of in order to succeed.

I’m going to give you 10 things you can do that will sharpen all your skills and more than likely save you some time, money and a lot of effort.  Let’s Begin.

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  1.  You need less perfectionism!

If you’re a perfectionist the chances that you will delay to do things until everything is absolutely perfect are very very high.  I didn’t wait until I was a perfect writer to write this list, did I? What perfectionism is, is an excuse to not do things.  People have used this excuse for so long and those people stifle their own growth.  Don’t do that to yourself.  Don’t be a perfectionist

2.  Complain Less

Honestly?  Self-explanatory.  But I’ll elaborate a bit.  No one likes people who complain too much.  A complaint here and there is ok but not every day.  Turn your complaints into offered solutions.  You’ll move a lot faster toward your dreams.

3.  Read less about things that have nothing to do with your dreams!

There are people in the world who are wildly successful and they constantly promote “reading” as a staple of their everyday pattern.  Be very clear about this!  They are reading relevant content that more than likely has a lot to do with what they are doing at that moment in their life.  Goal driven reading is the key.  Read less junk.

4.  Less Caffeine

Whaaaaaat?!  Is this guy serious!  (I know that’s the thought that went on in your head) Yes.  I’m serious. I didn’t say get rid of it completely.  I said to drink less of it.  That’s all.  About a month of less caffeine should give you more productivity.  Try it out.  Leave comments whether it works or not.

5.  Less Social Networks

Some people claim that they have to be on a social network for a long time during the day to stay in tune with what’s going on.  Bullshit! That’s what I call on it. You can do social network surfing about 1 hour at home….no need for more than that unless it’s actually a work requirement.

6.  Work Less

Yup! You read it correctly.  A fresh rested mind can do a lot more work than a tired overworked mind.  So, yes.  Work less.  And when you ARE working, be as productive and as thorough as possible.

7.   Less fake politeness

Have you been at a place where the service was not genuine and the treatment was passive aggressive?  Me neither,  but the point I’m trying to make is that you should speak your mind clearly to people and deal with the outcome.  You get more respect from people when they know you will speak in truths.

8.  Spend Less

Doesn’t this one just sound right?  You know when you’re purchasing something you don’t need.  You can feel it at the checkout counter. Buy things you need.  Take care of them and use them.  Value your possessions and care for them so you don’t have to go out and buy a bunch of new things all the time.  The extra money you have left over, once you’ve put this into practice, can be better used towards working on your dream life.

9. Get rid of the word “yes” as a go-to answer to please people around you.

Set clear boundaries with people so that they know your yesses and your no’s are the final answer.  Too many times people say yes to what people are asking of them just to keep things smiley.  But this can sometimes throw a wrench in the works of what you currently have on your plate.  New tasks take time and you need to be able to define the boundaries so that you maintain productivity.  Always be moving towards your goals.  No need to sidetrack yourself.

10.  Less Focus on Tomorrow.

Do things today! Let me explain.  I don’t mean that you should forget the future but to be very focused on the now.  There is a task at hand and time is running out.  Define your goals clearly and live in the now for them.  Never say, “Tomorrow I’ll go to the gym.” Tomorrow I’ll write that article.” Tomorrow, I’ll do volunteer work.” Tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow.  TODAY! Got it!?

Make these 10 things a part of your daily mental routine.  You’ll see changes start to happen.  They may not be noticeable at first but given time? The change will become very apparent to you and everyone around you.

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