Social Networks. Don’t Over-Do It

But when you do it. do it right!

In today’s world social media plays an important role in everyone’s life. It is a fact that, it helps us to create real-world relationships. Increased communication among individual helps to keep people socially active. But social media has made some negative impact in personal life and relationship in many ways.

People use social media as a number one communication tool to keep in touch with friends and relatives. Surely social media increases the communication but we neglect the fact that it has reduced the real world communication to the minimum and this affects the real life relationship badly. As per facebook’s IPO filing, people spend more than 10 billion minutes in Facebook every day, mobile users excluded!!! People spend hours in popular social media sites should make sure that you are giving equal attention to your relationships in real world. Otherwise these addictions can lead to many relationship problems in your personal life in future.

Social networking sites like FacebookTwitter etc.allow people to meet new people. Then they can choose peoples who have similar interests and create relationship. Virtual relationship is not always be a good relationship. Many people make mistakes that they give more priority to virtual relationship than real world relationship. They don’t know that social media is not so important in actual relationship. The main aim of social media is to enhance people’s social relationships, ironically though, it made people socially awkward, now people prefer chatting through online media than talking face to face in real world.

The people who are using social media are less productive than others. Many companies banned popular social media sites in their office because their employees spend their work time in such sites. Social media also affect mental and physical health of people. It causesdepressive tendencies, loneliness, mental illness, eating disorder etc.

Further posts will reveal more about the virtual relationship.


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