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Part of being a grown up is all about how to make money! I mean, c’mon, who doesn’t want to learn how to make money? We all do! However, we go to school for 12, sometime 16 years and are never taught, how do we go and make money. How do we turn our skill sets into dollars? Most of us decide to exchange time for money, like as a job. We go to work from 9-5 or 6-2 or whatever time is necessary. We are paid an hourly wage and whether we are doing something or not, we get paid. If we finish our job, we have to sit around and look like we’re doing something! We’re never taught how to go out to market our own skillset or for that matter other products

In this article today, I’m going to give you 40 ideas that you can execute on immediately to start making money, NOW! I’m going to focus on ideas that have minimal barriers to entry. Remember, I want you to go out and be able to do this over the weekend, tomorrow or even today. We’re going to keep our focus on internet based marketplaces because if you are reading this today, you more than likely have access to the internet or a smartphone. We’re also going to drive down the focus to niches, because over the last many years, we’ve seen an explosion in marketplaces to exploit niches and a demand for niches increase in that same period. Do you need to learn a language, you can find a marketplace for teachers. Do you need a car for the day, but don’t want to go to some rental car place, there’s a marketplace of people renting out their cars. Even my fave writer Tim Ferriss talks about using a design marketplace to design his book covers. There are markets for you to enter and make money with now!

These marketplaces have an aim to eliminate the broker, the middle man. We are going to focus on just a few of the marketplaces today. The primary marketplace of focus is the sharing marketplace. This is one we are all becoming very familiar with. If you live on planet earth today, you know about Uber, AirBNB and more. We will explain these options and give you a few ideas on how you can make a couple of bucks with resources already at your disposal. We’ll then look into services and marketplaces for selling skills. Are you a rock n roll guitar expert, let’s teach kids from China to Germany! Can you cook the best Chicken Cordon Bleu? Today we are not going to focus on selling product, those opportunities will still be to come. I wanted to find something you could do immediately and maybe even set up with opportunities for residual payments (think building a video teaching mandarin and allowing people to download).

These are just 40 ideas you can start using today. There are more, many more, but I believe in bite size pieces to get started with. I hope you find value in what we are showing you here today. Part of being a grown up is going out and making a living. Today, that means much more than it used to. We are members of the gig generation. This isn’t a bad thing. Now, instead of exchanging time for money, we can go out and exchange ideas and services like never before. Don’t be afraid, the times they change, but we can change and succeed with them. Now, go be the best grown up you can be and let’s make some money!

Your 40 Opportunities

Uber – Uber is the granddaddy of them all in the gig economy. These guys made the sharing economy what it is today. It’s not only a verb in the sense that it’s a service, it’s also an adjective. Companies want to be the Uber of whatever it does. If you have a car and a driver’s license, you can make money with Uber. It’s a great side hustle or primary hustle. You can set your hours, locations etc.. The road and world is yours here.

Lyft – As a consumer, I use lyft way more than I use Uber. I think the app is friendlier and often, I can get a driver quicker and the cost point is typically a few bucks less. I’ve spoken to drivers who use both and I’m seeing a trend of navigation from Uber to Lyft. Uber is still much bigger in terms of users and locales around the world, but lyft is on it’s way up. – drivers only do airport pick ups and drop-offs, with flat fares and no surge pricing. Drivers have the ability to develop relationships and clients can request rides directly. The site says that people can bring in up to $2,000 a week!

Turo – Turo is a peer to peer car rental network. Your car probably sits idle 20 hours a day and Turo allows you to turn that liability into an asset! Turo allows you to rent your car out when you aren’t using it, whether it’s for a few hours scheduled out or for many days at a time.

Getaround – This is a similar app to Turo that allows you to rent your car out. Keep in mind if you are using both platforms you’re going to want to coordinate.

Wrapify – When you sign up with wrapify, they wrap your car with a giant advertisement and you get paid. They’ll pay you 50-100 bucks a week. Basically, you’ll get your gas paid and they wrap your car.

Postmates – With postmates allows you to make deliveries and get paid. Most folks average they get paid around $15 an hour. You can work for one hour or 8. It’s all up to you.

Instacart – This is a grocery delivery service, make money delivering groceries.

Rinse – High quality clothing care for everything in your closet. The services include Dry Cleaning, Launder & Press, Wash & Fold, Hang Dry, Repairs, Leather Cleaning, and Clothing Donations. You get paid to pick up and deliver.

Saucey – Here you get paid to deliver alcohol. You literally will be loved for every delivery you make!

Deliv – Deliv is a Menlo Park-based crowdsourced, same-day delivery startup. Deliv bridges the last mile gap between multichannel retailers and their customers. Deliv offers same-day service to mall shoppers. Get paid to deliver.

Amazon Flex – Make $18-$25/hour delivering packages with Amazon. Be your own boss. Great earnings. Flexible hours. Make more time for whatever drives you.

Care – This is the largest marketplace for child care, senior care, pet care and house sitting.

GetYourGuide – You can become a tour guide to people visiting your city. You know your spot, make a buck showing it off!

ToursByLocals – If you are in the tourism business and you want a leg up on the competition, get in on this one. Or, start showing people around instead of watching Game of Thrones. OK, maybe after GOT!

StyleLend – You have an eye for style that needs to be shared with the world? Clear your closet with items you’re not wearing, make extra cash and share the good things in life.

EatWith – Have you ever thought about hosting people for dinner and making money doing it. If you have the menu and the vision, you can now be a personal chef! It’s pretty awesome and people within this community will stay in touch. It’s great!

Feastly – Are you a legit chef? Give this app a shot to bring more people into your kitchen. Whether you’re exploring new recipes or using it as a primary gig, you can host people at your home and cook for them!

Airbnb – Along with Uber, this is probably the most well known platform in the sharing marketplace today. Not only did it take the hotel industry and shake it to the core, it also allowed people to start making money off their spare bedrooms. I personally use Airbnb everywhere I travel. I haven’t used it internationally, as my wife prefers the convenience of hotels, but I’m going to continue the pitch! You can rent an air mattress on your floor (which is how the company started) or your can rent your entire place out, which a lot of people do regularly. It’s a great service and a great company to boot.

FlipKey – This is another unique rental site that works with TripAdvisor. I know it’s not huge in the states, but it’s monster internationally and growing here as well. You can check this out to host or travel throughout the world!

InnoCentive – This is an interesting crowdsourcing company that helps companies and even the US Government with problems in engineering, computer science, math, chemistry, life sciences, physical sciences and business. The company frames these as “challenge problems” for anyone to solve. It gives cash awards for the best solutions to solvers who meet the challenge criteria

Rover – Earn Money dog sitting dogs. You could even do this if you’re thinking about buying a dog and get paid to research!

Lending Club – This is a large peer to peer lending network. Think of this as making your money work for you. Like a bank. You do take risk here, but with proper diversification, you should be good!

Fundrise – Fundrise is an investment service that makes the benefits of private market real estate investing available to you through one simple platform. You can start with just a thousand dollars (which is unheard of in most real estate funds) and they only charge a 1% management fee.

Funders Club – Invest in the world’s most promising startups Diversify your investment portfolio with insider access to highly vetted startups from Silicon Valley. They prevent the companies for you, you can diversify so you aren’t going all in on one unicorn and the company has pretty solid returns.

Coachup – A service for private coaches and trainers to get matched with clients. You can set your own hours and meet people from all over the world.

HelloTech – Are you a techie and want to make 25 bucks an hour doing tech support and troubleshooting for your neighbors, well here is your portal!

Trustify – This is a gem, you can be a private investigator on demand!
Neighborgoods – earn money by renting out everything you have sitting around the house from your X-Box to your lawn mower!

Spinlister – You can rent out your snowboard, skis or bike for a daily fee.

Crowdio – This is a service that supplies customer service agents to major companies. They provide the customers and you provide the service! They call this “The world’s best part time job.” You make your hours, your location and your money!

MTurk – This site provides businesses, researchers, universities and consumer product groups the ability to post tasks that are completed by online workers. This is a platform powered by Amazon, so you know it’s legit. The tasks are called “HITs” which is a human intelligence task. They are posted by people called “requesters.” Each HIT lists the payment and timeframe for completion. You can search for the tasks that interest you. Once you complete the task you submit and await payment. Your potential to earn is based on the amount of work you want to put in.

Dolly – Do you have a truck or van and a few buddies willing to help you carry stuff. You can all make money moving items for people on This is a peer to peer moving platform that allows you to make money helping your neighbors move their stuff.

DesignCrowd – Are you a creative, or just creative and want to compete in the global marketplace for design ideas. DesignCrowd is just the place for you! Companies or clients submit their requests for everything from logos to websites, business cards and more. There are people killing it on this platform right now making full time careers out of it. It’s not easy, like anything in this world that is worth it, it’s work. However you can go in, build your experience, build your resume and your pocket book at the same time!

99designs – Anyone who has read any of my blogs knows that I’m a massive Tim Ferriss fan. He used this site to design the concept for his 4 hour body book. Well, at least he claims to when he advertises for them. If you are a designer and competitive to boot, you can enter your designs to win cash prizes.

The Expert Institute – Attorneys and corporations need subject matter experts for cases or problems, but don’t always know where to find them off hand. Lend your expertise here and get paid for it!

Soothe – Soothe is like the uber for massages. If you are a licensed Masseuse that is looking to book their own time and not be stuck at the same locale, here you go. According to the site, you’ll earn 2 – 3 times what you would earn at a traditional spa and you make your hours. Talk about the dream right?!

Udemy – All of us know something and some of us know those things better than others. Online education is a 100 billion plus dollar industry, why wouldn’t you get in on this?! Udemy allows you to create video courses in your area of expertise and set your own price up to 200 dollars. This is a resource for a passive income for you. Once you set your course and possibly office hours, you just set it and forget it minus answering client questions.

Skillshare – Skillshare is another platform for experts to post classes for people to learn from. Whether you are teaching a particular skill like email marketing with Mail Chimp or you are a producer like Young Guru teaching how to engineer, you will have a class with a passive income stream here.

Curious – Curious is an online community where people become members and pay a monthly membership fee for access to curated courses. If you have something you can teach or you are an expert in something, you can get paid. You have the ability to earn royalties when people view your videos and you can earn referral bonuses for referring new students to the platform.

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