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The Importance of Continuing your Self-Education!

For the advancement of your career

1. Become More Marketable
In addition to a salary boost, skills training could be a bargaining chip in the promotion process Hiring managers offer higher entry-level salaries and more promotion opportunities to those with higher skill levels. Employers may even help fund your classes if you intend to stay with the company.

2. Advance Your Career
Management and supervisory positions often require specialized skills. Developing the essential soft skills in communication, problem solving and critical thinking will help you move up the career ladder. Additionally, specialized positions could require specific skills training or the attainment of an industry accepted certification.

3. Keep Your Skills Sharp
Whether you’re in a skilled industry making the transition to high tech devices, or in a healthcare or teaching profession requiring constant re-certification, it’s important to stay current in your education. Continuing Education is essential in order to keep abreast of new technologies.

4. Get Training to Change Careers
Even if you already have an established career, changing fields does not always mean a fresh start. Training can add specializations and qualifications you can use to change directions. Many students use a training program as a way to learn more about potential new fields before committing to a new career.

5. Get a Degree, Earn a Higher Salary
Many career training programs are the first step on a career ladder that will allow you to earn a higher degree. It is not news people with degrees and higher levels of education and training earn more on average than people with less education. It is in your best interest and in the interest of those who you love and care for that you constantly educate yourself for the specific purpose of advancing your career.

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