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The Benefits of Learning how to play an Instrument as a Grown-Up. Guest writer J the Babe

There is no telling what you'll do once you know how to play an instrument. For sure you'll have fun!

Have you ever been moved by a musical performance and said “I wish I learned to play an instrument”? Well, you’re grown. What are you waiting for? There are many benefits to learning an instrument as an adult. On the fun side, nothing beats the feeling you get when the floor rumbles under your feet because YOU set an electric guitar amplifier roaring.

Even one note repeated rhythmically can give the sensation of flying without leaving the ground.  Here is some science for those technically inclined. Research shows that regular practice of musical drills encourages increased density of glial cells in the areas of the brain governing fine motor skills. Regular practice of musical drills can put you into states of mind comparable to those encountered during meditation. Health experts recommend learning new things to prevent senility as we approach old age.

Public and private performance of music produces a “feedback loop” that allows you to instantly see and hear the results of your actions and adjust to the feedback in that same moment. An empowering sense of control and achievement is an integral part of the resulting “flow state”. Flow States occur when you are so absorbed in a task that you forget yourself. Frequent experience of Flow States can lead to reduced stress levels and increased ability to cope. As well as increased creativity, confidence, and capacity for overall enjoyment of life.

So, what are you waiting for?

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