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If you are reading this section on how to be grown, you are obviously concerned about your health. I’m 37 and didn’t start to really dig into my health until my kid 30s. I always exercised and kept in semi decent shape, but never had to work extra hard to do so. Now the caveat, I live on Southern California where my minor league is most people’s big leagues! So I’ll take a step back to say, my normal is the crazy to others where I see others crazy and think, holy ****!

I think most people start thinking about supplements when they see Flintstone kids commercials when they’re a kid! We know there are things called vitamins, but we’re not quite sure what they do, what we need and are we getting them from our foods or do we need to take pills?
First, a disclaimer, I’m a believer in getting as many of your minerals and vitamins from Whole Foods as possible. This doesn’t mean the grocery store Whole Foods, although your welcome to go there if your paycheck allows it! I’m speaking of good ol’ regular Foods we get from the store everyday. It’s not as sexy, but we were designed to progress eating what’s from the earth, meat and all! However we all know this isn’t always going to be possible, so let’s get into some good supplements for areas you may be lacking!


There are a lot of educated arguments around multi-vitamins, both for and against. My recommendation is play by what your body tells you by first taking a high quality vegetarian multi and then stopping it. See how you feel with or without it. If you feel no difference without, then you’re probably not getting anything more with it in! I notice I feel a difference when I take a sports multi on the days that I train, so I’ll typically take one post training. It helps with the lethargy and in my head, the recovery! When I train, I sweat like a big boy in a steam room and lose a lot of what’s in me!


There’s a reason every vitamin store you go into has walls lined with protein powder. Protein is the building block of all muscle. Now, you need to think of your goals before you start thinking about your protein intake. Here are a couple rules of thumb.
Are you working for mass? If so, you need to think of ways to get a gram of protein for every pound of body weight. It’s honestly a job in itself to get this much protein. However mass isn’t easy, so you have to push a few of your limits! Also, in the discussion of mass, if you want to get big, go to the gym and find the biggest guy in there and ask him about what he eats, lifts and drinks. You may be shocked at how eager they are to share and by how much free knowledge you’ll get. Besides, wouldn’t you rather get the advise from him than that 150 pound male model that’s never gone beast mode a day in his life?!
If you’re not going for mass, I’m a follower of the old adage that about 1/3 of your daily food intake should be around protein delivery. I personally add a scoop of collagen protein to my bulletproof coffee every morning. Collagen protein is about as clean a protein as you can find on the world. It’s gut friendly, I find it to be basically tasteless and doesn’t have that grainy feel to it. (Insert link to my protein). If I’m not doing collagen protein then I’m looking for a whey that is from grass fed cows. I’ll do a protein shake with grass fed whey from time to time with whole milk of or an organic whole milk, typically from Whole Foods. I also make sure the whole milk is from grass fed cows! I think you’re seeing a trend happening here!


Greens are very, very important! There’s a reason momma always wanted to make sure you are your greens! (Explain what they do) (insert athletic greens)

Vitamins and Minerals I use for purpose


There is a lot of people that I respect that aren’t big with probiotics, however I’ve had gut issues my entire life and when I started taking (insert probiotic here), my life changed!

Gut health matters and it matters a lot. I think health education overall misses this point. On a personal level, when I started addressing my overall gut health, it changed my overall health more than any other focus maybe besides diet. That said, my diet is a gut friendly diet full of grass fed proteins, good fats and vegetables, so the diet and gut health go hand in hand!

Here are the changes I’ve noticed since beginning to address my gut health. 1) I seldom get bubble gut anymore. Ok, this isn’t a scientific term, but it’s real! I would have to time work-outs, going out and even work my outings with travel around going to the bathroom. Now that I’ve adjusted my diet and probiotic game, I feel much less chained to toilets. 2) My overall health feels much better. If I feel a cold coming on, i take more probiotics and I’m back up without missing a day. I also feel I recover better from workouts and just life! 3) I have more energy. I think this is a result of my body not trying to heal my gut.

Vitamin C, Vitamin D and anti-inflammatories

Our bodies are amazing machines. We’re kind of like the slow versions of the bad guy on Terminator 2. For those of you too young to know, go watch it, like now! We can heal ourselves and it’s pretty awesome that we can do this. However, with age and circumstance, the healing process can use some help! I’ve found adding these vitamins and herbs in my life to be a game changer.

Vitamin C is about as basic as it gets for healing. It’s the OG of the healing vitamins and just like Dr Dre never gets old, neither does Vitamin C! It’s water soluble so no matter how much you consume, your body will flush what it doesn’t need, but you would be hard pressed to give it too much. Personally I take a full gram of vitamin C every day and find it’s just as important to my day to day as my probiotic. Also, since I’ve started to pair them, I haven’t gotten sick. I also double up before long flights!

Vitamin D with anti-inflammatory herbs really helped when I started running later in life. I was having some massive joint issues and by taking these together, paired with some proper corrections in my gate, my pain was gone! They say most

pain and sickness is a result of inflammation, so if you can find ways to decrease the inflammation, you’ll be in a much better situation for recovery and health. I’ve found good luck with the vitamin shoppe brand. It’s linked here. It’s easy on the wallet and does what it claims it’ll do!


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